Branding Guidelines


All you need in order to present and refer to our club in printed media, internet platforms and social media.

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About our club

The name of our club

The name of our club is: Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers

It can be used on any text and any font that is being used in an article, text or banner.


The internet address (URL) of our club

Please use always this internet address:

Our logo

Please use this logo when you are referring to our club on a graphical area of a website such as footer or header.

You may also link our website address to the logo, so that visitors can connect directly with our website.

TaSH Logo

Our club in social media


The name of our facebook page for the general public is: Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers

The internet address (URL) of our Facebook page is:



Our Instagram handle is thirsk_and_sowerby_harriers

Use of hashtags

For posts in our social media platforms please use the hashtag #tash to build our brand on social media.

The Thirsk 10 race

About the race

The name of the race is: The 2023 Thirsk 10

The internet address (URL) of the race page is:



Registration can be done on the BookItZone page

Graphic Material

The following graphic material can be used for print and digital media.

The race logo

QR Code for location of the race in Google Maps. Point the camera of the mobile phone on the QR code,