TIME TRIAL 20th May 2024 White Horse

Thank you to Rob for setting up the course, and taking the warm up and cool down. As well as Sharon, Kim & Alan helping with various bits & bobs. Much appreciated as always. Duncan  TIME-TRIAL-20th-May-2024.pdf

TIME TRIAL 29th April 2024 Sutton Bank

Well done runners and my helpers Joe Joyce, Kerry Morgan, Sharon Keegan, Bronwyn Mayo and Phillip Craig. Thanks to Rob Burn for the warm ups and cone placing. Much appreciated as always. Duncan  TIME-TRIAL-29th-April-2024.pdf

TIME TRIAL EASTER HADICAP 3rd April 2024 Sutton Bank

Easter Handicap. Well done Kenneth Evitt !! closely followed by Helen Ashworth and Janet Balmain.Thanks to the helpers. (I know a few of you set off late if your start time was around 9-10min; However, even with a minute adjustment you would not have caught the three...

TIME TRIAL 27th March 2024 Sowerby Gateway

Well done runners and my helpers Gillian Crane, Richard Grant, Paul Peacock, Joe Joyce, KerryandNigel Morgan, Sharon Keegan, Trish Radford (sorry if I missed anyone). Thanks to Helen Ashworth and Jody Sygrove for the warm ups. Much appreciated as always. Duncan...