Christmas Handicap Wednesday 20th December 2023

Sowerby Sports Village, Sowerby, Thirsk, YO7 1TS

6.45pm – 8.15pm

A reminder to all club members that next Wednesday is our annual 2-mile Christmas Handicap Race at the gateway. If you have completed two-time trials since our summer handicap then you are eligible to be considered for the handicap prize. Based on your average times you will be given a starting time and position on the night. The idea is that we create a level playing field upon which anyone can win. If you are reading this and thinking that’s me out, I haven’t done two-time trials then don’t despair. Everyone is welcome. We really want all members new and old to participate and have fun. Participation is free.

Although only eligible runners can compete for the trophy, all those taking part will receive a Christmas treat. In addition, Red Sky Bikes have kindly donated a £20 gift voucher. All participants on the night will be put into the hat and given a chance to win!

For those members that have met the criteria and entered the London Marathon Draw, this golden ticket will also be drawn on the night.

Next Wednesday is another special occasion for the club as it will be our first opportunity to make use of the newly built Sowerby Pavilion. After the race all are welcome to join us for a club social in the Pavilion. All we ask is that those attending bring along some nibbles and snacks that we can share. A little bird has told me that Rob’s favourite is flapjacks. You might also want to bring along some refreshment for yourself.

As it’s Christmas and people are facing some tough financial times, we thought it would also be a great opportunity to collect for the local foodbank. If you can, please bring along a small donation. We will collate on the night and ensure they get to the bank in time for Christmas. Please only donate dry goods, tins, jars, spreads, Christmas Goodies etc. Please ensure all are within best before date and please no alcohol.

Look out for Rob’s blog as I’m sure he’ll give all a flavour of the course for the night and knowing Rob it’s bound to have a few surprises.