Sunday June 16th 2024
We sent out an expression of interest form & I am pleased to advise it looks like we will be able to field at least two teams. As of yet not sure of the structure of the teams, depends on who signs up
Information attached but basically it is 110 miles over 16 legs starting Filey 5am(!) & ending at Helmsley when we get there
Below is the link to the form to book your place. Form closes April 13th 
If you are free on 16th June & want to join in please fill in the form (regardless of whether you have expressed an interest)
These are valid reasons to not fill in the form
I am not free at all that day
I cannot walk 
I do not want to do this
These are NOT valid reasons
I’m not sure what it involves.                                             Solution = ask someone who has done it before
I’ll be too slow                                                                    Solution = no solution as it’s not a valid problem, put realistic pace & all good
I can’t navigate                                                                   Solution(s) = Recce your leg &/or ask to run with someone
I’ve done an event just before so will be broken                  Solution(s) = put slower estimated pace &/or volunteer to be support runner  
I’m not free all day                                                                Solution = fill in form saying when you are free
Rosie & Marc