After a trial period to test the level of interest, it turns out the Core and Strengthening sessions are proving popular.

They are typically held before the Wednesday evening training sessions, at 6:30pm, at the Sowerby Gateway. (But, keep an eye on the calendar, as this sometimes changes depending on the Coaches' availability).

For those that haven't attended yet, there are 20 stations set up. Each consists of a certain core or strengthening exercise that is beneficial to your running. You exercise at each station for about 45-50 seconds, and when the Coach blows the whistle, you change to the next station. They are numbered 1 to 20, and to keep things orderly, you progress to the next numbered station. You do two full rounds, with a rest period in between. The sessions last about 40 minutes total, and if you choose, you can then join the main running session on the track.

Here's a good explanation, written by Coach Andy Butcher, of how these core and strengthening exercises help different facets of your running fitness.