Some of the members at the York Park Run on Saturday
It was an early start for the 30 or so members to be among the huge field of 710 at the start of the popular York Park Run on Saturday for the latest club championship race.  The flat, 2 lap course allowed for a fast time, once you could get away after the crowded start, and Dan Garthwaite took advantage, finishing 14th in 18.41, with Matt Jones not far behind, 17th in 18.54.  Ken Wood came 35th in 20.20, regular park runner Gary Wilkinson 44th in PB 20.47 and Adrian Elsworth 59th in 21.34.  Clare Rowntree was first of the club ladies to finish, 62nd in 21.38, with remarkable Lorraine Hiles 78th in 21.58, recording a superb 84% effort.  Joe Joyce came 92nd in 22.17, Joe O'Keeffe 98th in 22.26, Paul Atkinson 103rd in 22.36, Adam Harper-Walker 112th in 22.49, just ahead of Walter Busuttil, 114th in 22.53.  Next was Mike Cropper 132nd in 23.24, with Rose Kruger 145th in 23.46, Anna Whitham 148th in 23.50, Rob Burn 155th in 23.57, Duncan Fothergill 162nd in 24.08, David Tervit 175 th in 24.21, Hilary Coventry 185th in 24.39, Kirsty Naylor 209th in 25.29, Geoff Bullock 284th in 27.08, Dave Baker 294th in 27.16, Allison Whiteley, running with Craig Atherton as part of their training schedule, 323rd in 28.01, Craig 324th in 28.03, Liz Wordsworth 339th in 28.32, Lucy Sillars – in her first ever park run – 397th in 29.33, Faith Coy 413th in 29.46, Chris Wordsworth 430th in 30.16, Phillip Craig 470th in 31.17, Hugh Jennyns 575 in PB 34.23 and Chrisitne Burn 626th in 36.30.   People in general were pleased with their times, and though not recorded as PBs as they hadn't done that park run before, nevertheless probably were.  Well done everyone. 
  With the Fountains Abbey event cancelled as the NT had closed the site because of high winds and danger from falling trees, a few of the regulars decamped to Easingwold for the  pleasant 3 lap Millfield run, and good to see Olivia Mulligan out again, 46th out of 168 in 26.12.  Paul Adams was 109th in PB 33.02, Rob Lickley, continuing with his effort to get going again after illness, 129th in 35.21, Gillian Crane 131st in 35.38 and Ian Codling 163rd in 50.39.  James and Liz Stephenson on holiday were among the 46 at Ganavan Sands, James taking 30.10 and Liz 43.04.  Trish Radford had another visit to the Rushmere event, taking 30.55 and David Palmer at Erddig came 98th out of 190 in 21.28.