For those of you interested in running in the HDSRL races, it is now time to sign up for this year’s Summer Race League.


The cost is normally £20, but T&SH is subsidising your entries £10, so you only have to pay £10 for the series of 5 races!


Make sure to use the code TSH23 to get your discount.


The entry system for this year’s races is now open on RaceBest and there’s a link on the HDSRL website


When entering, you have to enter the discount code after all other details, just before payment. (It will show £20 payable with the button for the discount immediately below.)


Here are some more details, taken from the RaceBest website:

1) Details of the venue, directions etc, will be posted on the website prior to each race.

2) These races are open only to members of clubs in the League, with no guest runners permitted.

3) There is a single entry fee of £20 which covers all 5 races. (£10 when you enter your T&SH discount code).

4) If you intend to run in the series, it is best if you enter before the first race even if you are unable run in that one. You can however enter at any time during the season, though there is no reduction in the entry fee. (Great value for 5 races, not bad value even for just one!) If you enter more than 7 days before the first race your bib number will be personalised with your first name.

5) Pre-entry is essential as there is no provision for entry on the night of the race. If you turn up without a number or without having pre-entered you may be lucky enough to get a number but it's not guaranteed.

6) Anyone running without a number will not be recorded by the timing system and will not be included in the results.

7) The numbers allocated to the members of each club will be given to the club rep on the night of the first race for distribution.

8) The bib numbers have the timing chips attached and should be retained for the whole series.

9) A replacement for a lost or forgotten number will be charged at £4.

10) SAFETY and RISK: Please read the Entrant Terms and Conditions when entering and the information on safety under HDSRL Rules on the website PLEASE DON'T ENTER IF YOU ARE NOT A FIRST OR SECOND CLAIM MEMBER OF ONE OF THE PARTICIPATING CLUBS. If you do you will not get a number and no refund will be made.