Championships 2023


All you need to know about our championships !

Announcement: Dates and locations for HDSRL champs races are now updated.

Championship Tables 2024 Summary

Last update : 21 July 2024

First Past The Post

Age Adjusted

2024 Results / Race Info


Race Date First Past The Post Age  Adjusted
Captain Cook's Fell Race 1.1.2024 Womens FPTP Mens FPTP Womens AA Mens AA
Ormesby Hall XC 7.1.2024 Womens FPTP Mens FPTP Womens AA Mens AA
Parkrun Thorp Perrow 10.2.2024 Womens FPTP Mens FPTP Womens AA Mens AA
Hooded Horse 10k 14.4.2024 Womens FPTP Mens FPTP Womens AA Mens AA
Spring Coast Road 5k 24.4.2024 Womens FPTP Mens FPTP Womens AA Mens AA
Melmerby 10k 5.5.2024 Womens FPTP Mens FPTP Womens AA Mens AA
Drovers' Road Virtual 23-26.5.2024 Womens FPTP Mens FPTP Womens AA Mens AA
HDSRL Nidd Valley 4.6.2024 Womens FPTP Mens FPTP Womens AA Mens AA
HDSRL Thirsk & Sowerby 19.6.2024 Womens FPTP Mens FPTP Womens AA Mens AA
HDSRL Otley AC (Handicap) 17.7.2024
James Herriot Trail Race 28.7.2024
Sessay Swift 6k 14.8.2024
Virtual Mountain Race 22-25.8.2024 Entry Form Instructions Map Disclaimer
BeckBusters 10k 29.9.2024
Acklam Grange XC 6.10.2024
Gormire Gamble Fell Race 20.10.2024
Virtual XC 21-24.11.2024
Summerhill XC 1.12.2024


Rules 2023


For 2023, there will be male and female championship awards for both Age Adjusted (AA) and First Past the Post (FPTP) categories.

This is open to all active club members. It is automatically calculated free of charge (excluding race entry fee) providing they fulfil the following criteria:

  • Runners have completed any 10 races of the selected 18 club championship races for the year.
  • Club runners must wear T&SH vests/shirts whilst participating in these events and
  • They must fill T&SH on any race entry forms/documents where prompted.
  • Members are considered as active provided they have signed and paid for their 2023 membership. Memberships can be signed and paid here.


Points are awarded to club members completing each race based on their finishing position (First Past the Post category) and their overall time (Age Adjusted category) against all other club members.

The Age Adjusted category is calculated by combining a runner’s finishing time with the most recent World Masters Athletics (WMA) Age Factor, to produce an age-adjusted time. This provides a way of measuring and comparing the quality of running performances, adjusting for age, sex, and race distance. It’s the same system used by Parkrun etc.

Points are awarded on completion of a race to every club member, with maximum points of 100 awarded to 1st position, 98 for 2nd, 96 for 3rd and so on down to 50 for 26th place, where it then reduces by single points as 49 for 27th, 48 for 28th and so on, in each category.

If a race is postponed or cancelled Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers committee will make a decision regarding a substitute race as soon as possible, taking into account relevant factors such as date clashes, terrain etc.


There will be awards for positions 1, 2 & 3 in both AA and FPTP categories and for both male and female members.

Should a member place well in both AA and FPTP categories, only the highest position will be awarded (e.g. if they are 1st FPTP and 3rd AA, 1st prize FPTP will be awarded) with their lower position then awarded to the next best placed member in that category.

Should the position be the same for both Categories, AA and it’s award will take priority (e.g. 2nd and 2nd) with the FPTP position passing on to the next qualified member.

Should two club members finish with the same points total in a category based on their 10 best results, the position will then be awarded to the member with the highest total points score from all 18 championship races.

Should any club members complete all 18 races of the club championship, this achievement and consistent club representation will be recognised at the annual awards evening.

Past Championships


Year First Past The Post Age Adjusted Photos
2022 Women FPTP 2022 Men FPTP 2022 Women AA 2022 Men AA 2022
2021 Women FTPT 2021 Men FTPT 2021 Women AA 2021 AA Men AA 2021
2020 Women 2020 Men 2020
2019 Women 2019 Men 2019
2018 Women 2018 Men 2018
2017 Women 2017 Men 2017
2016 Women 2016 Men 2016
2015 Women 2015
2014 Women 2014 Men 2014