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TaSH Afternoon Social at the Ritz Cinema on Saturday the 2nd of March, 2pm to approx 4pm. Multiple short films will be shown, about running and outdoor adventure. More information below.

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Join your fellow club members to watch an exclusive release of running related films and shorts on the big screen at our wonderful community Ritz Cinema in Thirsk. Curated to cover a broad spectrum of running - but generally with an adventurous thread. Expect endeavour, endurance, achievement, thrills and a few surprises too. With several diverse films in a total duration of approximately 2 hours, there will hopefully be something for everyone. This event has been especially organised just for you, our wonderful club members, so please support it.

Tickets are only available here on the TaSH Shop and at just £5, are even cheaper even than the usual Ritz tickets, because the club is for its members and this is for you. You may purchase additional tickets for your partner/family but presently it's a closed event for TaSH.

There are just 150 tickets available for this one-off event - a ticket gets entry but seats are not reserved, as is normal at the cinema. As there is some (very very) occasional strong language in a couple of these adrenaline charged films, we have classified the collection of films as '15' - Suitable only for 15 years and over, so as to prevent offence. So sorry, nobody under 15 please. There will be a cut off for ticket sales of Thursday 29th February at mid-night.

There will be no 'on the door' sales, you must pre-book.

If you know other non-club members with an interest the best we can do is say that tickets may be available if you, the members, don't sell out the event.

About the London Mountain Film Festival

The London Mountain Film Festival (LMFF) is on a mission to revolutionise the adventure film industry. LMFF is here to support adventure filmmakers and communities with a passion for the outdoors, adventure sports, and many further ways in which we humans interact with our beautiful planet. LMFF does this by collecting new films from around the world and distributing them online in such a way that communities are empowered to host their own mini-festivals or film nights in venues that are local to them.

 “Adventure people are naturally adventurous, so they are up for organising these events and they like to give something back,” said LMFF founder and director Greg Hackett. “We’re so proud of our hosts and delighted to have found a festival model that works for them, is kinder to the environment and spreads positivity and inspiration.”

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