We are in the early stages of planning two relays. In order to see who / how many are interested please can you fill in the very basic form if you want to participate in one/ both. This will give us an idea of numbers. We will contact all members to get them to sign up nearer the time (& for the CW Relay ask a whole raft of questions to sort logistics) There is a summary of each event below.  
Darlington ‘XC’ relays – Sunday 24th March 
The reason ‘xc’ is in quotation marks is that the relays themselves are not cross country, they are done by the various teams in the cross country league but are on tarmac in Darlington South Park with no significant hills. There are 3 in the Ladies team or 4 in the Mens team. Each lap is approx a mile & each runner does 2 laps then hands over. No pressure but we had the winning Ladies team last year. Just to note this does clash with the North Yorkshire Vets Cross Country. 
Cleveland Way Relay – Sunday 16th June 2024
110 miles
16 legs
Team composition depends on who signs up. Possibility of ladies team
Last year we entered three teams for this & want to encourage as many people as possible to join in. If we could do that again it would be amazing. Just a heads-up/ reminder that that this is also Fathers Day. Link below gives more info