The cross country season came to an end with the road relays held in Darlington South Park. The club fielded five complete teams including the winning ladies team (Esther Harrison, Bronwyn Mayo & Clare Rowntree). There was also the presentation of medals for age category wins for the season to Alan Wikeley, Margaret Wikeley, Ken Evitt, Paul Peacock, Trish Radford, Esther Harrison & Bronwyn Mayo. 
From one relay the focus moves to the next
Cleveland Way Relay
Sunday 18th June
110 miles from Filey to Helmsley
This has been a great day out in previous years & initial feedback looks like we'll have plenty of runners for two or even three teams this year. If this is something you'd like to do please fill in the form below. We want as many members as possible to join in, you don't  have to be fast (or furious), just willing to wear a club top & give it a go. If you're not sure talk to Rosie or Marc or any of the members that have done it before. 
There's more information on the legs of the relay at 
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Rosie & Marc