The initial idea was for a closed event as an afternoon social for TaSH members and family with a ticket price of £5. Forty sales would cover the Ritz Hire fee (£198 with VAT). The £50
Community Pass for the LMFF was purchased by the Ritz. The date and time was chosen so as to not conflict with races or with peoples training runs.
There was a cut off for shop sales of Thursday 29th February mid-night to allow an attendance list to be available for the door. By the 21st we had sold just 22 tickets so with
agreement we opened up shop sales beyond just TaSH members.

At this point we put details on social media and I sent out to various clubs – but obviously bit late in the day for sharing with their members. Sales increased but still majority TaSH. There were 43 on the day – just covering the hire cost. From memory perhaps three non-Harriers. For info the cinema has 161 seat capacity.

Duration was just over 2 hrs and the tech worked well – fortunately – as it was just me at the controls and it was an unconventional method of showing. A personal laptop connected to
the cinema projector and sound system, sounds simple but actually it took a lot of sussing.
Thanks to Josh for sorting the shop along with Kim and Kerry-Lee for support, news, social media etc. etc.

As we were looking at a significant shortfall on sales towards the shop sales deadline if we did it again I'd perhaps suggest an open event but with subsidised ticket price available for
TaSH members. The good thing about this is it promotes TaSH too. If any event were held on this basis there is more chance of surplus income and TaSH could consider whether to keep it for the club (future social event fund) or give to a charity – again a chance to promote the club.

I classified the event as 15 – but in the end the actual films in the show didn't include any swearing (other than a couple of bleeps) so it could have been a 12A but I didn't want to
risk upsetting anyone who potentially could have brought younger kids. I've fed this back to LMFF as it would have been better to have offered younger members the opportunity to see
the films. I could only choose from the content available and the Winter Wainwrights film was only available last minute which pushed out a shouty sweary French running film!

The cinema staff who covered the legal side on our behalf (fire, H&S requirements etc) and also sold drinks, sweets and ice cream were particularly impressed how civilised the crowd
was and how no tidying up was required afterwards.

And a big thank you to Bev who helped me both in advance and on the day.
It was a great event and I hope everyone enjoyed it – maybe we can do it again next year?

As a final aside LMFF raised over £10K – in their words 
'Our adventure film festival started out as a couch-only experience back in 2020, and here we are just four years later with an international community experience that just put £10k into the coffers of projects that will help people live longer and more adventurously!'
'Our 58 events reached all four of our UK countries as well as Finland, Nigeria, Australia and the USA! Fundraisers did a fantastic job but we also want to give a shout out to all those
people just screening for the love of it and to bring some fun to their friends, groups and communities – we salute you!'

A great and good thing.

Cheers, Marc