Cleveland Way relay. 
Don't forget to set your alarms for those on the early legs. It's important you get to the right place for the correct time. You will all know your route by now and hopefully the weather will be kind. I hope you all enjoy your day and run good times. Sorry Christine and I won't be with you this year but we will be watching out for you. It's fun and you will enjoy the day. 
Wednesday 19th June.  7.30 HDSRL fixture. Sutton Bank. 
This is a club championship race remember and it's also a club championship race within the league. Everyone who runs not only gets points for themselves but also the club. The harder and faster you run the more points you will get. It's not just me saying that, it's how it is. Entries may still be open so if you are interested get it done asap. Numbers not already collected may be done so on the night. Road shoes will be perfect whether it rains or not.   
If this is your first outing on this route then I would advise you to run it like a 5k with a bit added on. The first 3k'ish is on road and it's fast to very fast going. You need to get to the trail section in a good position because once you get there it's mostly single track for the next 3k. It's not going to be good to overtake. Don't expect runners to stand aside and let you past (not me anyway!!). You will have to work hard to get past. Once you hit the new pathway section just beyond the “1 mile to go” marker you can let yourself go. If you don't, there are others who will.  All the marshals will see your vest and cheer you on so don't forget to smile and put a spurt on. Enjoy the race and run like the wind. (of which there may be plenty about).
Thursday 22nd to  Sunday 25th August inclusive.  A date for your diary. 
Virtual Team Mountains race challenge in Kilburn Woods. Teams of six. Approx 6 miles and 1000' of ascent. This is achievable by everyone within the club. 
Very shortly you will be receiving an entry form for the above event. All the details will be attached so please read them carefully and get entered asap after it arrives. The teams will be selected (from a hat!!) on the weekend of 13th July. This will then give you time to recce the route and also get used to other members within your team. This year there will be a buff given to everyone as a reward for taking part but only once your times have been clarified. We have the same two sponsors (Lets Run and Dobson Motors because they like the event)) as last year and there will be a £300 prize to split among the winning team. If you are new to the club then start asking what it's all about. It's fun, it's challenging and it's a great way to meet other members from within the club. 
All you need to do to enter is know your present 5k time. (on trail, level going, good weather, relaxed and wearing your trail shoes). If you don't at present know your 5k time then  perhaps it's time you found out!