A few lines to let you know what is happening this next week. Finer details on the club Calendar.  ( failing that, come to training and listen to announcements)   

Monday, 27th May – 6.30 -7.30.  Gateway. Earlier start/ earlier finish because it's a bank holiday. There are too many by half!!!
This will be a fun session as the previous bank holidays. You'll have to turn out to see what it is. 
Wednesday, 29th May. Gateway. 
6.30 Core group.
7.00 pm warm up to join up with the core group at 7.20 
 2 x ( 4 x 3 mins/ 1 min rec)  3 mins between sets. Smooth, relaxed 5k speed running. It's always easier to run  along side someone of similar speed . Call it practising for when you race. Try and keep your efforts even all the way through .    Concentration is the name of the game.
7pm. Glaisdale Rigg fell race. There is a link on the club calendar for finer details. 

Even more of an update for the proposed Sutton Bank parkrun. 

As well as two race directors, we now have two parkrun ambassadors on the job too. We're down to running around with measuring wheels and finding out the best course using the least amount of volunteers. It's all technical stuff. The proposed new section comprises lots of twists and turns, a few ups and downs, but quite narrow in places which all adds to the fun. A little bit of digger work is required with the addition of a load of stone. It's nothing that time and money can't cure, so it will be done. It just takes a little bit of time. What is especially good about it all is that it's quiet and peaceful among the trees and you can hear the birds singing away. In which case someone will want to run with ear phones on!!! I won't even try to explain this one because I don't know the answer. 
When we get closer to getting the correct distance and the right course then we'll have another test run. Pickering RC are hoping to join us this time. 
It's 52 years since I first met Christine. It will soon be her 70th birthday and 50 years since we were married. Lots of celebrations, lots to do and lots going on. I actually don't know whether I asked her to marry me but it's something we always wanted to do from the start so that's what we did. I would have married her the first time we met. She didn't ask me to, so I didn't. We married in Church in the beautiful village of Coxwold which is where I was brought up. I still remember turning to greet her as she walked down the Aisle. (  What lucky person I was!!!)  Christine is a townie from Scarborough but likes the country too. Reception was at the Feathers, Helmsley. Prawn cocktail, half a roast duckling and black forest gateau. 100 guests and £2.50 a head. Our parents split the cost between them and Christine and I probably paid for everything else. Times were hard and money was short but in no way did it spoil our day. We had our honeymoon way up in the mountains above Innsbruck, Austria. Romance at its best. We both love the peace of the mountains and still love them today. 
We returned from our honeymoon to live in a static caravan not too far from Stamford Bridge.  No hot water, no shower or toilet and what a dump. Christine wasn't very well pleased.  We washed in the farm buildings and had a bath once a week in the farm house next door. We didn't have a phone and the only way people could contact us was by letter or leave a message with the couple next door. Even worse, Christine had to walk a couple of miles to the nearest bus stop and catch a bus to work. ( nothing much changed there then!!) We stuck it out for a few months and then moved to another job closer to home. We moved to Kilburn. 
We both had full time jobs but we were trying to save up and buy our own house. Christine, a Staff nurse, me a Herdsman looking after hundreds of cows. Weekends, nights and holidays we'd took on extra work. It was mostly piece work. I'd quote a price, we'd work hard, do a good job and the work just kept coming in. Another incentive was that it was mostly cash, no tax to pay and we'd get good interest on money saved in any high street building society in those days. We still have the same joint bank account we opened all those years ago and we share everything between us. ( except perhaps the cooking and ironing!!) Within less than three years we put down a 25% deposit and bought the house we still live in today. Our first telly gave pictures in black and white. It cost 50p and needed a knock on the right hand side from time to time to make it go. The first program I remember seeing was Starsky and Hutch and I bet there aren't many of you out there who remember that. Our next telly, a couple of years later cost £350 but that was colour ( a months wages in those days!! ) 
Christine is probably one of the kindest, caring and loving person you are likely to meet. We love being together, travelling, looking at wild life, meeting people and especially helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  Do we have fallouts? Yes, just about all of the time but I'm convinced that's what keeps us closer together. Just occasionally, she admits that it's me that's right!! For those wondering how long she has been connected with the running club then I'm going to tell you. She provided mince pies at the Club Christmas handicap and also stood on the club charity stall in Thirsk Market place raising funds during the winter of 1982/83 and has been closely connected with the Harriers ever since. . It's only recently that she has started running (around 15 years ago ) and still struggles to see what all the excitement is all about. You have to remember. Some people train to run up mountains. Some people have to climb a mountain every time they train. She really struggles to get motivated from time to time.  When we go to Spain in September we'll both be running up the same mountain. It's frightening me already, Goodness knows what it'll be doing to Christine. 

Don't forget the virtual Drovers road Championship race. I ran it this morning and it was wet. Very wet. The going is firm under foot and lots of standing water.  I ran in road shoes and didn't slip once.  
Keep smiling and see you all soon, Rob