I’m getting in touch about Running Out of Time which is an epic 32 day, 2661 km relay from Ben Nevis to Big Ben championing climate action and nature – please see below for more information.
The relay passes close to Thirsk on the afternoon of June 19th and we’d love your members to help us carry the baton. Details of the stages – and registration – can be seen here.
Entry normally costs £15 for 3 stages. However, we are very conscious that the stages near you are during working hours and we’d be delighted to offer your members free entry for those stages. (Please ask them to use the code ROOTGUEST at checkout.)
Thank you and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

Running Out of Time Climate Relay 10th June – 11th July 2023
What do you get if you mash-up an Attenborough nature documentary and the Olympics?
The Running Out of Time Relay – Britain's biggest sporting celebration of climate action and nature!
With 366 stages – ranging from 2-30 km – along the route from Ben Nevis to Big Ben there’s a stage for everyone – whether you’re a runner, walker, wheeler, swimmer or cyclist.
Registration is now open and we’d love you to join us! 
Please see below for more information about the relay and here for a link to our press release.
Thank you and very much hope to see you on the relay!
The Running Out of Time Relay is Britain’s biggest sporting celebration of climate action and nature. Taking place between June 10 and July 11th, thousands of runners, walkers, wheelers and cyclists will relay the baton 2661 km from Ben Nevis to Big Ben!

The relay travels through 50 cities and towns  – and some of our most beautiful countryside – visiting initiatives of every scale that confront the climate crisis and preserve, restore and protect our nature and wildlife.

It features historic landmarks, stunning natural sites, schools, universities, community projects, cutting edge technology and sporting venues. And a host of different and crazy ways to move the baton which will be run, walked, cycled, swum, surfed, paddled, skied, para-glided, dragon boated and Morris danced along the way.

It should be magical, inspirational, joyous and epic and we’d love you to join us! Please sign up now at https://running-out-of-time.com/ – and show your support for climate action and the natural world!

Dan Thompson

Co-founder Running Out of Time Relay