Following on from Rob’s thoughts in the newsletter last week, and his memories shared of litter picking whilst running – it transitions nicely into the following news.
The Wombles of Hambleton, who are a local community litter picking group, are volunteering at the T10 this year. They are kindly going to help pick up race detritus.

They have asked for nothing in return – However, I have suggested a possible collaborative litter picking day between T&SH and the Wombles around Thirsk and our running routes. We all know the litter problem that blights our beautiful countryside, and wouldn’t it be nice to run down a road knowing that you do your bit to keep it looking as nature intended! Let’s wait until the weather improves and we have longer days, and we can decide on a mutual date.

Thank you.

Siobhan Woodland, T10 Director
Watch this space ( and even more important, let’s keep it litter free!!)