On Wednesday 19th June we are hosting the HDSRL race at Sutton Bank Visitor’s Centre starting at 1930 (there is no club training). This will be the third HDSRL race and also counts as Race #9 in our club championship. Race details here. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to sign up for HDSRL in advance (details here) and collect your number on the night. There is no sign up on the night.
We now have sufficient marshals so please come along to run if you can (it is ~5 miles). Runners can also help with the catering and cleaning up afterwards. We are providing a buffet supper for everyone after the race. Sandwiches are already sorted, but we are looking for our wonderful Harriers to provide cakes / buns generally yummy sweet things and preferably home made. If you aren’t attending please contribute, either pass your bakes to someone going or bring them to Martyn Coy (contact details in the newsletter).
In the past we’ve put on a great spread and our buffet was agreed to be the best. Let’s put on a show. Martyn could also do with several helpers on the night to set out the buffet. Looking forward to seeing and tasting your brilliant bakes!