This week’s thoughts from Rob…. Prof. Brain Cox, Did you know there are in excess of two trillion stars in the universe which is one or two more than I would have guessed. Imagine one of those stars having so great a gravitational pull that the light it is supposed to be sending out is then drawn back deep into itself. You then wouldn’t see this star as being bright but just a black blob so you wouldn’t be able to see it anyway. At the same time you have to remember that the light it was initially sending out has been travelling for several million light years to get here and the star has probably already burnt out, imploded on itself and doesn’t exist. Most of what you can see in the night sky isn’t there. Within five minutes I think Brian lost everyone, ten thousand people were spell bound and you could have heard a pin drop. Well worth listening to even if you don’t understand him is our Brian!! I also ran a parkrun while I was at Newcastle which was every bit as difficult and tough going as the presentation itself. Two for the price of one is always a good deal.
I spent twenty or more of my early running years going out on the country roads at night without ever having a head torch. Within a couple of minutes of setting off from home my eyes would have adjusted and away I’d go. Keep away from gated or cattle grid roads and I don’t ever remember having a slip or a fall ever. However, I did have a few surprises. I once ran into flock of sheep whilst running the coast to coast in the lake district and I also ran into an Aberdeen Angus cow grazing at the side of the road in Balk. I was always surprised that I would feel I was running faster in the dark than I would during the day and I was always happy at how little traffic there would be on the roads during the cold winter nights. I always used to look at the stars and wonder how many there were. Now I know. The most stars I’ve ever seen in the sky was in the red centre of Australia and the most rewarding and emotional I’ve felt and been was running in Svalbard under the Northern Lights. The tears that I shed froze to my face and I had to thaw out my face mask before I’d dare risk taking it off my face. Minus 35c is not always a good time to be out running. Rob 22/9/22
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