This week’s thoughts from Rob….
If there was such a thing as social media in 1968 and you asked the Question ” Who is the most known about person in the World?” then the answer that came back would have been split 50:50 between the Pope and George Best. If the question had been asked on a Saturday then George would have come out on top. Ask the same question this weekend then the answer to come out on top would be our very own Queen Elizabeth 2nd. She was well known and loved all over the world and will be sadly missed. However, nothing lasts for ever and our new King will carry on where she left off and I don’t expect anything will much change. I’ll just have to remember to say King and not Queen when I sing the National Anthem. ( ime for reflection because I can remember when we didn’t have social media) When we didn’t have a social media platform in 1968 the answers would have been positive and to the point. People didn’t woffle and got straight to the point. In 2022 when we do have a social media platform people vote and then spend the next 24/48hrs debating on social media trying to prove to themselves ( and others) that they understand which way they have voted and why. I see it happening almost every day. I loved the Queen and everything she did and all that she stood for. She had stick ability and true grit and In particular I liked the fact that when the going got a little bit tough she just rolled up her sleeves, put her head down and just got on with the task in hand. She led from the front, was a brilliant leader and an inspiration to us all. Training will go ahead as usual this next week on the gateway because that’s what our late Queen and hopefully our future King would/will expect us to do. As a sign of respect I will lead a minutes silence at 7pm on Monday night before training commences. I think that’s the least we can give to someone who has given so much. People think that just because I like running it is easy for me to step up to the starting line and run my very best each time I run. But to be truthful it’s not. In most respects I am just the same as everyone else. Where I do differ a little is that I am easily motivated and never accept second best, I love putting my body under pressure and pushing it to the limit (and yes it does hurt) and hopefully I train just that little bit harder than all those that I beat. All the rest is just a battle between my mind and my body. In the past I have told my mind little fibs to try and get my body to go that little faster and if you think that one works then you and I are dreaming different dreams. There are no short cuts ever in the sport of running. When I finished my warm ups at the World Mountain race in Ireland last Saturday I didn’t have a niggle or a single ache and when I finished my remaining strides my legs were bouncing off the road as nice as you like. Absolutely perfect. This gave me the confidence to stand on the start line without a worry in the world and just to concentrate on the job in hand. I wasn’t looking forward to the steep climb but I was ready for the top and the undulations, the descents and technical bits. I loved it once we were on the top. I finished 10th and would be telling fibs If I said I could have ran faster. I was also 2nd counter in the GB team winning bronze. I was happy because I’d put a whole load of work into that one and it worked. Thank you to all those who took part and also to those who took time out to travel and support us all at this event. As the guy on the mike kept saying, ” We have a large group from Yorkshire and they can all run a bit” I think he said we came from Tirsk! Can I get more strength in my legs at my time of life? Next year will be my first year as a M70 and the race is in Madeira. The hills will be steep and it will be tough. Trudy, we have a bit of work to do!! Rob 11/9/22
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