5 reasons why hill sprints are good, by TaSH Coach Andy Butcher

1. Builds up strength, to help improve performance for endurance running.
2. Reduce niggles, strong legs which means less niggles make running more sustainable.
3. Raises the heart rate, a good way to get high heart rate without being to stiff the next day.
4. Improve running form, focus on driving the arms, light on toes always looking ahead.
5. Helps build mental stamina, if you train using hill no race can scare you! Conquering a hill gives you confidence in a race.

Find a long enough hill!  

(suggested session reduce or increase as necessary)

• 6 x reps
• 4 x reps
• 2 x reps

1 min recovery between each set

Repeat 1 or 2 times depending on how you feel.