TaSH Championship Race #13

When: 7am Thursday 22nd August to 5pm Sunday 25th August.
Where: Kilburn Woods.
Distance: approx 6.3 mile/ 1200′ ascent.
Parking: Osgoodby bank car park what3words ///backward.pounds.revealing
Start & Finish: Gatepost across path in car park.Prize for winning team members donated by Martin Dobson, Easingwold Motors and Shelli from Lets run, Great Ayton.

Before you run;
1. There is a team leader for each team. Leaders to try and make contact with all your team members to offer support and encouragement.
2. Recce of the route is essential. It will be marked, green chalk spray on the way out. Blue on the way back. All on forestry tracks, public footpaths and bridleways.
3. This is also a club championship race. Points as usual. Club vests/ tee shirts to be worn.
4. Elapsed timing only. Remember, stopping to take a selfie part way round will only add to your time!! Wait until you finish.
5. There is a cafe in Balk at the caravan park which is ideal for an after race chat.

A. Run as an individual or in small groups. Your team doesn’t have to run all at the same time. Incomplete teams to take the slowest overall time of the race for their missing member. Teams are are chosen at random to include all abilities. Payments of money to swap runners will not be allowed.
B. Starting gate opens at 7am on Thursday 22nd August and closes 5pm Sunday 25th August. All runners must be out of the woods at 8pm each day. No running in the dark please. There are no exceptions to this rule. Failure to run in the specified time will result in disqualification.
C. The start and finish is the gate onto the main forest track in the car park. Pin a piece of paper on the board with your name on it when running and take it down when finished so we know who is running (Safety issue)
D. Submit your times on the link as soon as you finish (the submission link closes on 8pm Sunday but you must complete the race by 5pm Sunday as noted above). You will also have to do this for any invited guests.
E. It is compulsory to smile at all times. Even going up the white horse steps.
F. Results and prize giving Monday night (26th) at training.

Route Description:
Approx 6.3 miles and 1200′ of uppy and downy bits. The course is set on permanent tracks, trails and footpaths and if you think about where you are going is easy to follow. Green arrows on the floor for the way out. Blue arrows for the way back. Set off straight down the forest drive from Osgoodby car park and after approx 800 metres take the second turn on the right, climb for approx 300 metres and take the first turn right. Follow this narrow and undulating track until you come to a T junction at approx 1.1 mile, turn left and follow the well, worn track right up onto the top of Hood Hill. It is uphill all the way.

Go straight over the top and take the centre line / track straight back down onto to the forest drive once again. There are several bike trails that can lead runners astray from the top so be careful to recce this section to avoid surprises on race day. This section is steep and if wet, can be slippery. Choose your footwear carefully. Once on the main track turn right and continue keeping right at the junction and climb the hill in front of you. Take the next left up a narrow gravelled path, onwards and upwards. Before the Thieves Highway (which is the next main junction), turn right and head for the White Horse Car Park. Once in the car park take the steps to the top of the White Horse and turn left. Follow the track toward Sutton Bank top for approx. half a mile. Take the next left down Thieves Highway (wooden sign at the top of the track). This section is narrow, rocky and can be slippery so look out for hikers coming up. At the next junction, go right then immediately left and continue to descend on the track you climbed earlier. At the bottom turn right onto the main foresty track.

After a short descent, start to climb once more and take the first turning on the left to climb again, looking out for runners coming at speed from the opposite direction. Once the track starts to get steep, take what is the second track on your right marked in blue. The steepness gets easier the further up you go. Once over the top, let yourself go downhill to the main track once again. Turn left and from here it is approx 800 metres to the finish.

The course map is here. The list of teams is here. Please review the risk assessment and disclaimer here.