Harriers Weekly Training w/c 2nd Oct 2022 Monday 10th October. Indoors, 6.45/ 7pm. Thirsk School, Gym. Warm up and rolling core work. Once again a great workout for all abilities. Good for new members and beginners alike so you get used to a routine an to get used to others within the club.
Track, 6.45 / 7pm. Sowerby Gateway. Warm up, rolling core work and short intervals. The session on the track went well last week. It’s a great way to join in with others of equal ability. Remember, if you want an easy session go with a group slower than you. If you want an hard one then go with a faster group. Be positive and group up quickly. Cold, dark nights are not for hanging around. Try and warm up and do your exercises with your group ability. If you are new or not quite sure ask one of the coaches to point you in the right direction. If in doubt then see me. ( just shout Rob because it will be dark so you won’t see me.)
Wednesday 12th October. 6.45 / 7pm Thirsk School, Sports Hall. Warm up, core work and short interval / lung busters. Ideal to keep you in good shape without having to go outside.
6.45/ 7pm Sowerby Gateway. Warm up, light core work and main session of 2 x ( 8 x 1min / 1 min recovery at positive 5k speed ) 2 mins between sets. Similar to the inside group but outside in the dark. Those with a good memory will know that we once did this session on Scarborough sands. It was a great help that the tide was out at the time but this is always a tough session. It works best if we go out and back in a straight line with a slight adjustment early on as you will not be at full speed until your third or fourth effort. Try and run next to someone who is of similar speed which will really help you and those who are in charge. It also encourages you to put in that little bit extra when you are in closer contact to one another. You really have to concentrate on even pace/ effort. Some say this is the toughest session we do together. I don’t like to disappoint so let’s see how it goes. No big helpings for tea and make sure you do your warm ups correctly.
Safety reminders. Outside group. Could you please all wear a head/body torch whilst training in the dark on the gateway. If you have not worn them before they will fel a little strange when you first use them but you will soon adjust. If you turn into someone and you don’t see them at full speed it will hurt. It will also help you see the ground you are training on. We don’t need to create injuries. See and be seen.
Last night whilst leaving the Gateway there was a woman running on the footpath. A lovely upright position, even stride and a real positive action. Around 8.30 to 8.45 pace at a guess. She was dressed completely in black, no head torch and no hi-vis vest. Please, please dress to prolong your life and to be seen at all times.
Remember, Sunday 9th October. xcountry Acklam. See recent emails or club facebook for instructions.
Also, Friday 14th October. 7pm Athletic Club. Quiz night, Pie and pea supper, Q & A session and the 45th anniversary of the foundation of T&SH and all for a fiver which includes your first drink. Come on guys, get your names on the list and get booked in. It’s going to be a great night and we are going to have a bit of fun. There is no running involved so you don’t need to wear your running kit. It isn’t often I say that.
Christine and I choose to go on our holidays where it is often very remote and isolated. This way we get to see lots of wonderful animals and birds. Equally as important we get to meet lots of ordinary people doing extraordinary jobs looking after these animals. The world is not lost and there are projects all over the world where animals are increasing in numbers and we just like to go out there, see these animals and support these projects. Christine also likes to take lots of photos and there is nothing she likes better than to sit and watch a family of lion cubs or watch a leopard up a tree. Christine won’t admit it but she takes some fantastic photos. The down side to the above holidays is that we have to have a 5am start with an outside shower under the stars while it’s still dark, they can also be a little on the costly side and quite often we have to have quite a few injections. It can be quite a challenge keeping up to date with them all. This Saturday it’s the Flu and Covid booster at the same time with a xcountry only 24 hrs later. Sometimes you can feel good after the injections, sometimes you can feel —–, not very good. We’ll see what Sunday brings.
Keep running, keep smiling and see you all soon, Rob
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