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Thoughts from Rob

Message from the Committee

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Thoughts from Rob
This time it could be you!

Monday 19th Dec
7pm Christmas Handicap – Gateway

8pm. Nibbles which we all bring and presentation – Athletic Club.
Plus: Foodbank collection/ donation if you can please for those taking part. Esp toiletries ie. toothpaste,shower gel, toilet rolls,etc Also long life milk (bring to the athletic club please)            
                              All details are on the club Training Calender. 

I ran my first club handicap race at Christmas 1982. Norman and Cyril worked out the times. A sealed handicap with everyone starting off at once. Three laps of xcountry on fields behind the Athletic Club. Approximately four miles (20 minutes) and I won. My first official win wearing a T&SH club vest. The prize was an extra mince pie which Christine had baked and we’d brought for nibbles afterwards. I kept my first club vest for what seemed like a life time and until I could wear no longer. My dog gobbled up my second vest. I sent my third vest to Zambia and now I’m on my fourth and hopefully not my last vest. I don’t need to tell anyone about how passionate I am about wearing a club vest. 
Since that first Handicap race I have attended every club handicap from then until now. I don’t think there is one race that has taken place without someone mentioning that they have been given a wrong time. Please, let’s not have this on Monday. My advice is always to roll up your sleeves, concentrate on what you are about to do, stand on the start line and run like the wind. The person who is most likely to win is the one who does a full and complete warm up and stands on the start line and gives 100% from start to finish. Other likely winners are ones returning from injury, new members who are just  into regular training and improving from week to week and those who have run a more leisurely and relaxed time trial in the previous two or three months on which your handicap times are worked out on. Good luck to everyone taking part. It’s going to be mild so It’s 3.2 laps on the track. Road shoes. 
So you think It’s cold?
A few winters ago Christine and I took the Hurtigruten postal ship up the West coast of Norway in early January. When winter was at it’s coldest and totally dark. The trip was to finish at the Northern most point of Norway in the Arctic with a stay in a Ice Hotel at Kirkenes next to the Rusion border. Half way along the coast we took a flight North from Tromso way up into the Arctic for a few nights stay on the Archipelago of Svalbard. Here we experienced looking for whales in the dark!. Skidoo racing out on the frozen sea and dog sled driving under the dancing Northern lights. Just for good measure and while we were there we had a run in complete darkness in temperatures of minus 35C. It was very cold. Christine turned around after a couple of minutes but I managed the full forty five minutes I intended to do. The most surprising thing of all was that I met another two runners out at the same time and in the same conditions. There are only 2000 people live in the capitol Longyearbyon which is the northern most habitable place on earth. Mostly everyone is rather young and looking for adventure of the extreme, the remainder either work there looking after the infra structure or tend to be a little on the weird side. Why on earth would you live in such a place if you weren’t? I like the isolation, I don’t mind the cold and Christine and I went back 18 months later to run with the Polar Bears. I guess we are all a little bit weird one way or another. 
If you are struggling with your training during these cold times then I would advise putting on several layers light clothing. I just wear base layers if it’s still and only put on a jacket if it’s windy. You will warm up. Two pairs of gloves if necessary and a hat. Easily removed and light to carry. Start off steady and don’t push the pace until you are fully warmed up. If you have strength then speed will always be there when needed. You can’t do either if you are injured.  
See you all on Monday night, Rob


Message from the Committee
Dear members
Thank you to those of you who have given the committee feedback on the club awards and recent changes to technology, both positive and those with questions and constructive suggestions.
Whenever changes are implemented there are always issues to be worked through, the committee are a group of volunteers and like everyone else we do not always get everything right first time. We want to reassure all members that we are looking at all comments and will be in touch again in due course to update you all with our findings and decisions going forward.
You can find a list of all committee members (most with mugshots!) if you click on ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers website.

Stay connected via our club calendar
We now have a Club Calendar on the Members page of the Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers website. 

The calendar is updated regularly with details of training sessions, championships and league races, time trials and social events. 

If you wish, you can connect our club calendar directly into your personal Google or iCal calendar on your mobile device, tablet or PC by clicking here. Updates on the calendar from our side will immediately be stored in your personal calendar. You will also find the link button on the Members page



NYSD scores after first 3 meetings 

The individual and team points scores after the first 3 meetings have been calculated and can be viewed here.

Harriers Christmas Party 
A great night was had with lots of prize winners with some new faces to the podium which is always good news.
Age Adjusted male champions
Joint 1st Paul Peacock & Rob Burn (998 points)

3rd Alan Simpson (946 points)

Age adjusted female champions
1st Lorraine Hiles (998 points)

2nd Trudy Morrice (986 points)
3rd Bronwyn Mayo (958 points)

First Past the Post Male (excluding any winners of Age Adjusted)
1st Matt Jones (984 points)

2nd Ken Wood (938 points)
3rd David Tervit (890points)
Ken Wood very happy winning his first ever award at the Club

First Past the Post Female (excluding any winners of Age Adjusted)
1st Esther Harrison (988 points)

Joint 2nd Anna Whitham & Kirsty Naylor (930 points)
Most Improved Male – Joe Joyce – who later enjoyed drinking from his trophy!
Most Improved Female – Ruth Pollard – a double winner winning a club place in the London Marathon draw later in the evening. The other London place winner being Barry Smart-Barker

Runner’s Runner Award
A very popular choice with plenty of members votes. Bronwyn has been a star attending the weekly training sessions; coaching at a lot of them; mentoring new coaches;  as well as running well in the Championship and races. All in all a very well deserved winner. Thank you Bronwyn for everything you do we all appreciate it.

Endeavour Award

Ken Evitt who was presented with his award on Wednesday night. Thanks for being such a good egg encouraging all members with their races; handing out congratulations when you struggle to race with your worn out knees! You carry on and are there to lend your support and fly the Club flag.

Congratulations to Duncan Fothergill and David Tervit for their 100% completion of the Club championship – no mean feat especially when it means Duncan did the Ripon Round ultra on Saturday & club championship cross country race the following day!!


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