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Thoughts from Rob

Virtual cross country/ Kilburn Woods.
As an athlete I thought this course had a bit of everything and no more challenging than a training session I would hope to have once or twice a week. It’s just a pity I wasn’t in better shape but I enjoyed it all the same. Will someone please help try and take a few points off Paul P. His margin of winning is getting wider and wider.  As a coach and the person who organised the event I was a little disappointed as to how many took part.  Just maybe you don’t like running In the cold at this time of year. We’ll see what 2023 brings in the new year. 

I hear you didn’t receive the training details for this last week until a little late.  It was my fault, wrong button, wrong place. Better luck this week. Just remember we always train on the same nights and at the same time which isn’t too difficult to remember. The technical bits get added as we go along. What I really like about the new format is that I don’t have to have such a strict deadline for sending it out, I can do it well in advance of holidays and It takes some pressure off our secretary who has to coordinate and send everything out. Work in progress. 

The tree planting last weekend  went wonderfully well. A huge turnout of volunteers and we all enjoyed the challenge. 150 trees +1 (nearly forgot!) in less than an hour which works out at around 3 trees planted per minute included posts and protective tubes.  All posts were fitted in the same direction giving a class of professionalism to the task. Each of the six different variety of trees were planted more in waves than actual blocks and should look extremely good in the years to come. Those who were present put their name on the tubes/ trees to signify their effort. Those who ran the mountain race (and Others) who want to do the same then please see me (Rob) and I’ll explain what to do. You can easily visit the plantation along a public footpath only five minutes walk from my back door. If you knock on our door we could visit together and maybe have a cuppa afterwards. It is well worth a visit. Thank you once again to Paul and Sarah allowing us to use their land. 

Attention to detail!! 
Each time one of our Grandchildren were born we asked a local artist to create a painting. The instructions were that they had to be colourful, happy and bright. Something that would make them smile when they looked at it and hopefully it would give them something to remind them of their Grandma Chris and Grandad Rob. Each grandchild has a middle name named after a flower, ie. Iris, Primrose and Lily. Hidden in each individual painting had to be either a Primrose, Iris or a Lily. This was the way each one knew which painting belonged to them. A short while ago I asked the youngest grandchild how she knew which painting was hers. “That’s easy Grandad Rob,” she replied. “Mines the one with the seagull with no wings.” 

In the short time I’ve been home from my holidays I’ve been to visit my surgery to have a blood test, collect some tablets and had a good long chat with my doctor. I’ve also been to York hospital to see my surgeon to plan the next move, I’ve had another operation and I’ve also had a good chat with the Macmillan nurse who is assigned to my case. I’ve been to the dentist and had to have a filling, I’ve been to the optician and I require a new pair of glasses.  I’ve also been to see my friend Walter a couple of times to have a massage to help me get my body running once again. Just by chance and for good measure a few days ago I dropped a large stone on a finger which is now throbbing like something you can’t imagine. If I was a cow the farmer would be getting rid of me because he couldn’t afford to keep me any longer. Am I feeling OK? Of course I’m chuffing well not but under the circumstances I keep smiling and hopefully I’m heading in the right direction. I was told I would get the results from my recent opp in approximately three weeks time which is Friday sixteenth at twenty two minutes past twelve noon (approximately)!

Yes, I am smiling. See you all soon, Rob


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Virtual XC Kilburn Woods Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th December 2022

The race results for the Virtual XC Kilburn are now available. 44 runners and walkers took part in this run last weekend. Click here to view results

NYSD XC Summerhill results

Click here for the results for Sunday 4th December’s NYSD XC at Summerhill.
Thanks to our hosts, Jane Wistow and members of Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers for putting on the meeting on what turned out to be a wet and windy day. Thanks also to all the marshals and officials for braving the elements, their efforts are very much appreciated.
I will be sending out the team and individual point scores some time next week. The next meeting is at Ormesby Hall, Middlesbrough on Sunday 15th of January 2023, details to follow in the new year.


Harriers Christmas Party 

A lovely time was had by all who attended, thank you to all for making it such a great evening. Winners of awards will be in next week’s digest.


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