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Thoughts from Rob

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  • Wear your Harriers vest as often as possible
  • Committee meeting minutes
  • February 2023 sportsshoes.com discount code
  • Time to renew your club membership
  • Update on Awards criteria for 2023
  • Training Night Reminder
  • Welfare Officer required


  • next championship race: Knavesmire Parkrun Saturday 18th February 2023
  • NYSD XC Old Race Course, Richmond results 
  • Thirsk 10: 12th March 2023, cyclists required!
Thoughts from Rob
 A few reminders so please read them carefully. Here we go:
If you are training with the outside group on the gateway then you must wear a head / body torch. See and be seen. You may see someone but they may not see you. We try to eradicate accidents, not create them. Other people use the track besides us. Cyclists, walkers and even dogs. Most of those using the track, other than us, tend not to have a torch  and are almost, always dressed in black. Unsurprisingly, most of the dogs tend to be black too. Quite why anyone would prefer to walk a dog around the gateway while we are training I don't know but it's best for me not to comment further on this one.  I'd just add that the track was designed with runners in mind and not dogs.
I've also been asked to remind you that training sessions begin at five to and not five past seven. 

During lockdown one I handed out lots of kettlebells for some of you to use and keep in good shape. I have a list of those who took them. Yes, I know who you are. Could you please bring them to Thirsk school the first Monday after half term. If you do not hand them over to me then I will not cross you off my list. They will be kept in the school gym store for us to use. 

Thirsk 10 trees. Planting date for your diary: Saturday 25th March. 
So far 700 trees have been ordered in advance of the race. Numbers may increase. Everyone who runs the race gets a tree planted. The plantation is going to be down Newsham road along side the race route. Anyone and everyone can help plant them with us so we need volunteers. Around twenty of you have had  previous experience at our autumn planting. This will be more or less similar, there are just more of them. All you require is a sharp spade, a strong back and a good pair of boots. It's simple, the more of us there are then the less time it will take. For those not used to using a spade then you can pop the trees in the ground and put a shelter around them. It's all about about team work so it'll be a good team bonding session.  

I was asked last week If I'd ever run the Thirsk 10. I said yes, It's flat and it's fast. I've had time to think a little and this is my reply. A little bit of history and a few happy memories.
I once ran 53 minutes in the T10 and came 27th, disappointingly I was only 3rd fastest local runner. My previous best time for this distance was around 60 minutes, I'd improved my time by almost 7 minutes in less than than six months.  It was short I hear you all say, but then, maybe it wasn't.
Two or three years later I finished third, this time winning the first local prize. I was also first finisher in the winning team and North Yorkshire ten mile champion all in the same race. Thirsk had three counters in the first ten. My brother Mervin, Charles Stead and myself.  
Here is a copy from my training diary ten days before the event. 
          7am . 4 miles steady/ 28 minutes. Kilburn Wood/ warm and sunny.
          6.30 pm . Thirsk School/ 400 metre track/ on grass. Hot and sticky. 
First half of session on my own, second half with my brother Merv and other harriers. 
          20 x 400 @ 75 seconds/ 5 minute/ mile pace/ 20 x 400 @ 90 seconds pace.  That's 40 laps/ 55 minutes/ 10 mile. 
          20 minutes warm up / 15 minutes cool down. Daily total 2 hrs / approx 18 miles. 
Coach. Norman Smith. Weekly mileage, anywhere between 50 and 80 miles. I liked to compete (I still do) rather than train so tended to keep to the lower mileage.
 I'm just an ordinary guy who loves running and loves life. There are no short cuts and there are no easy answers. I worked hard and just happened to get results. It took me 3 to 4 years to get to be my very best and you could do exactly the same. Keep your body strong, your mind fresh and just get out there and enjoy it. There is no limit to what you can achieve. The biggest problem is getting yourself to believe it. 

Remember, no indoor training this week. See you on the gateway, Rob

Stay connected website password tash22!
Wear your Harriers vest as often as possible.
read a story of racing from Pedro here

Committee meeting minutes
These are now published on the members page of the website once ratified, you can read the January 2023 minutes here.

February 2023 sportsshoes.com discount code
The new code for the month of February is – VFOWD3 – valid until 3rd of March 2023 – giving you 10% off the whole range on orders over £50 * and free standard shipping, worth £4.99.
Please make sure to select United Kingdom in your shipping address to apply the promotion code without errors. Should you come across the “country-iso” error in checkout, you will need to check you have set up a correct UK shipping address, please.

Time to renew your club membership!
Thank you to all those who have renewed your membership with the Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers, if you still need to renew click here for details and link to application forms. You have until 15 February to renew.

Update on Awards Criteria for 2023
A full list of eligibility, scoring and awards is now published on the website, click here to view.

Training Night Reminder
Find out the latest training information on the calendar on our website, here.
Remember to always sign in when you arrive at training! Look for the clipboard with the register on it.

We still need a 2nd Welfare Officer! 
We currently have one Welfare Officer, Martyn Coy, however, we need a second, preferably female. If you are interested in taking on this role, please speak with a member of the committee. To find out more about what the role entails England Athletics give information which can be accessed here


  • next championship race: Knavesmire Parkrun Saturday 18th February 2023, click here for details
  • NYSD XC Old Race Course, Richmond: results here 
  • Thirsk 10: 12th March 2023, newsflash: we have 9 wheelchair entries – so we need 9 cyclists to accompany them round the course please. If you can help with this please contact Helen or one fo the T10 committee. For more details about helping generally click here