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Thoughts from Rob

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  • Time to renew your club membership
  • Message from the committee
  • Update on Awards criteria for 2023
  • Supervision of junior runners at training
  • Training Night Reminder
  • Welfare Officer required
  • Accessing members page from mobile devices
  • Club Calendar
  • Recent Press releases


  • Ormesby Hall XC Race Results
  • Thirsk 10: 12th March 2023, helpers required
  • Gormire Gamble
Thoughts from Rob
I was once driving a huge JCB digger tractor through the village of Stillington when I was stopped by the police. Apparently, a lorry had blocked the road just beyond the village and would it be possible for me to help out. I followed the nice police man to the lorry. I hitched a chain to the lorry and easily cleared the road and made it good to go once again. The lorry driver gave me a ten shilling note (half a days wages in those days!), the nice police man thanked me very much and we all went happily on our way. I was only thirteen years old at the time. I didn't have a driving licence or insurance and knowing my luck the tractor wouldn't have had any brakes. I'd been driving tractors since I was six years old but only recently on the roads. I never did tell Mum or Dad or the person I was working for. 

I did pass my tractor driving test on the morning of my sixteenth birthday. I had to drive up and down Coxwold village a couple of times, answer a few questions and that was it. The examiner gave me my pass certificate and I drove back to the farm with a big smile on my face to continue on with my daily chores. The moment I turned into the farm yard a Ford Escort car swerved right across my front and I hit it square on on the left hand side. The driver stepped out of the car unhurt and the car split completely into. Tractors and cars are not a good combination. Writing a car off within thirty minutes of taking a driving test must be very close to being a club record. This time I did have a driving licence, I did have insurance and lucky for me the tractor did have some brakes. I didn't need to tell Dad because he was there when it happened. 

Had I had the crash three years earlier I would no doubt have been arrested and been given a criminal record. Mum wouldn't have been too pleased either. One mistake and my life could have been changed for ever. I often wonder is it happenings that dictate in which direction we travel or do we travel in the direction of our choice. Mmmm, I often wonder. 


Stay connected – website password tash22!

Time to renew your club membership!
Hello Members
Thank you to all those who have renewed your membership with the Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers, if you still need to renew click here for details and link to application forms. You have until 31 January to renew.

Message from the Committee
The committee meets most months, usually on the 2nd Wednesday evening, after training. From Jan 2023 the committee minutes will be published on the members page of the website (after they have been ratified at the subsequent meeting). Details of where to find them will be given when the first minutes are uploaded.
You can find a list of all committee members (most with mugshots!) if you click on ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers website.

Update on Awards Criteria for 2023
As discussed at the January 11th Committee Meeting, and agreed to communicate to all Members in this digest, it has been agreed to keep the criteria for 2023 awards the same as 2022, ie:

  • Awards to be given to first 3 eligible male and female Age Adjusted championship runners, and to first 3 First Past the Post runners. Eligibility and scoring is as documented on TaSH website.
  • If any runner is in first 3 of both, the FPTP award will go to the next placed runner.
  • If two runners finish with the same points total in a category based on their 10 best results, the position will be awarded to the member with the highest total points score from all 18 championship races.
  • Recognition will be given to any Harriers who complete all championship races.

Adult Supervision of junior runners at training sessions
This was discussed at the January 11th Committee Meeting: if you bring junior members to training, please note in order to maintain safety of all runners we have agreed that:

  • A parent can supervise a maximum of 3 of their own children;
  • If an adult is acting as responsible person, supervising any children other than their own, the maximum is two children. Written authority from a person with parental responsibility (can be electronic, an email to is required. 

Training Night Reminder
Find out the latest training information on the calendar on our website, here.
Remember to always sign in when you arrive at training! Look for the clipboard with the register on it.

Welfare Officer Required
We currently have one Welfare Officer, Martyn Coy, however, we need a second, preferably female. If you are interested in taking on this role, please speak with a member of the committee. To find out more about what the role entails England Athletics give information which can be accessed here

Are you having trouble with accessing the members page from your mobile phone?
Turn your phone from vertical to horizontal (ensure auto rotate is on).
The ≡ symbol will then be visible, and the members link can be chosen.

Club Calendar
Remember the Club Calendar on the Members page of the Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers website is updated regularly with details of training sessions, championships and league races, time trials and social events. You can browse it by week or by month for all 2023.
If you wish, you can connect our club calendar directly into your personal Google or iCal calendar on your mobile device, tablet or PC by clicking here. Updates on the calendar from our side will immediately be stored in your personal calendar. You will also find the link button on the Members page

Recent Press releases
News that Marian Codling has sent to local papers including Thirsk Weekly News and Darlington and Stockton Times, is now also on the home page of the website, click here to view.




Important reminder: in order to run for Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers you must be a current member and wear club vest/t-shirt.

  • Ormesby Hall XC Race Results: these are the results from Sid Rudd, Secretary of the NYSD XC, click here to view.
    • With a note from Sid, from 16 January 2023:
      • Hi All
        Attached are the results for yesterday's NYSD XC at Ormesby Hall, if you find any errors let me know.
        Many thanks to Richard Fawcett and members of North Yorks Moors A.C. for hosting the meeting. After the rainy weather we had over the previous week, Sunday turned out to be fine although chilly. Course was very heavy in places which proved to be testing to say the least. Well done to all those who survived, which includes the officials.
        There were a couple of issues with the results due to athletes using wrong numbers which took time to sort out, please make sure you are using your current number. 
        Our next meeting will be at the Old Race Course Richmond on Sunday 5th February, hoping for better weather than last year.