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Thoughts from Rob
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  • NYSD XC at Ormesby Hall on Sunday 15th January 2023
  • Thirsk 10: 12th March 2023, helpers required

Thoughts from Rob
So you think you have a problem.
My legs are heavy, my back is weak and I’m almost 6kg (not lbs) overweight. To be truthful, I’m not in very good shape at all. Running is all about discipline and routine  and for the past couple of months I’ve had neither. Calf injuries and a back problem hasn’t helped but we all have to start somewhere and start I must. I now have a focus and today I managed a sixty minute aqua jogging session in the pool which sounds absolutely boring but it’s good for the legs, arms, lungs and is also good for mental  motivation. If you can manage an hour aqua jogging then you can manage an hour of physical pain almost anywhere. Onwards and upwards. Roll your sleeves up, put your head down and never look back. (gently does it)
I am told that a melanoma cancer is not a very good cancer to get but I already know this. Almost fifteen years ago I had a younger brother who had exactly the same but died almost six months after being diagnosed. On the 28th December I was given the good news that I am now clear and all the naughty bits have been removed. However, a larger margin is required to make doubly sure. A piece of skin the size of a two pound coin needs to be taken from my left cheek. Apparently there is lots of loose skin around my face to fill in the gaps but will leave quite a large scar. With my eyesight I am not likely to notice the difference. Coincidentally the 28th December would have been my Dad’s birthday and had he been alive he would have been exactly one hundred years old. A special day all round. 
I do have to thank Christine and my dentist for bullying me to go to my doctor to mention the discolouration to my skin (I hadn’t noticed it and I don’t care much for going to see my doctor). My doctor is young,very keen and is also a runner. We have a lot in common apart from the age bit! He put me forward straight away and at the same time  put me down for a full body parts ultra sound scan for good measure. In the past couple of months I’ve had so many visits to hospitals and surgeries that I’ve lost count. However, I’ve remained positive on all fronts and insisted on all those around me to be the same. I’ve not read any literature on the subject other than the bits that affected me at my present time. I thought if I didn’t deal with present then there maybe wouldn’t be a future. I was immediately put on a fast track program and I can’t fault the NHS in any way. After my first operation I actually wrote to say what a pleasure it was to work with such a wonderful team. One more operation in January and It will be all over. I’m told the operation will take around 45 minutes or around eight to ten pounds in car parking fees. Maybe I can now start to sleep whole night through. 
I’ve had wonderful support from Christine who held my hand and gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed it (I needed it). I can’t praise the NHS enough for being positive and professional on all fronts and at all times. I had some wonderful chats with my Macmillan support who seemed to equally need the chat as much much as myself. Equally the support I received from my running family and friends gave me an enormous boost. Your little chats did really help.  A smile or something as simple as a pat on the back gave me the strength to get out of bed the next day and carry on. If I were to give any advice then I would say that if you feel there is something wrong with your body then get it checked out straight away. Today is your future and tomorrow is too late. Secondly, If you do have to go to hospital then take someone who is close to you to go with you.  You could be told things but not quite hear what is being said. Besides, they may even buy you a coffee before you leave. Thirdly, talk about it and be positive. You are still the same person and it’s just another mountain you have to climb in our busy, everyday life. The only problem is you don’t know how steep or for how long. There will always be another mountain. 
The most difficult part of all the above is the time it takes for everything to happen. Waiting for results and appointments is quite stressful. I did have a very big low point around Christmas when I booked the Captain Cooks fell race thinking It could possibly be the last one I would run (I didn’t tell Christine this, I was injured and couldn’t run it anyway). On the positive front I’d booked two corporate tickets to the world indoor athletics in February and also two tickets to the diamond league meeting at the Olympic Park in August. It looks like the Madeira Mountain race in September is a strong possibility. Anyone want to run it with me?
Happy New Year once again and love and best wishes to you all.  
Smiling as always, Rob


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  • NYSD XC at Ormesby Hall on Sunday 15th January 2023, link to race details here, NB: we have just heard that contrary to the linked document, the cafe WILL be open
  • Thirsk 10: 12th March 2023, It’s come to that time of year again where we will be asking for marshals to help out with the Thirsk 10 miles road race and fun run. To make sure the event run smoothly we need around 60 Helpers. For more details click here.

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